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Red wines - Search for spicy wines from the Rhône, warm, generous wines from Australia and classic wines from Burgundy and Bordeaux.

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Cabernet Sauvignon - This is a blackcurrant flavoured grape and due to its thick skin contains a large portion of tannin.

Zinfandel - Primarily a californian grape which is going through a worldwide descoverance. It has flavours which range from light and fruity to big and spicy and is very dependant on the quality.

Merlot - A generaly sweeter grape with flavours sometimes described as black cherries or slight hint of mint. Depending on the length of fermentation can contain a higher level of alcohol.

Pinot Noir - This is a hard to grow grape which suffers from various diseases and blights however it does produce what is arguably the widest range of quality red wines. The best pinot noir flavours have been described as silky with aromas of decaying leaves and truffles.

Carmenere - This Chilean variety is used to produces a rich and spicy wine.

Gamay - This is a French grape which produces a wine that can be described as grape flavoured and has low relative tannin.

Grenache / Garnacha - A sweet and peppery flavoured wine is produced from this grape - often high in alcohol.

Malbec - This is an Argentinean grape resulting in a robust red wine that is smooth and plummy.

Nebbiolo - A primarily italian grape which is very high in tannin and acid but does mellow with age.

Pinotage - This is a South african grape variety developed by crossing pinot noir and Cinsaut(a shiraz varient) and developed as such to create a hardier grape that could be grown in South Africa. Like the pinot noir, the wine produced is described as having aromas of decaying leaves and truffles.

Syrah / Shiraz/ hermitage - This grape produces a rich and spicy wine with lots of tannin and the sweetness of blackberries. A hardier grape variety and thus widely used as a blending grape.

Tempranillo - A big red Spanish grape which produces wine with moderate alcohol and flavour best described as strawberries and plums.

Barbera - a fruity and refreshing wine is produced from this grape. It is relatively low in tannin with relatively high acidity.